Windsor Bulldogs Youth Lacrosse Northern Colorado

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Game Play


All participants must have an active USBOXLA membership.  Any player on your roster that is in violation will be removed from the playing surface.



Please note the USBOXLA Gameplay coordinators will not tolerate abuse of the officials or any staff by fansparents, players or team officials. The USBOXLA Gameplay coordinators have the discretion to call bench penalties, remove parents/fans from the facility or issue a team disqualification in such an occurrence. 



There is no appeal process to protest an on floor call or outcome.  The referees' call on the floor will stand. 



All games are played in accordance with the USBOXLA Rule and Situational Book.



Official USBOXLA game play

  • 3 x 15 min running time periods.
  • 2 min rest between periods.
  • last minute of the 3rd period is stop time.
  • game clock starts on the hour whether teams are ready or not.  Any team in violation will be given a 2min delay of game penalty.
  • 1 x 30 second timeout per game.
  • if tied after regulation time teams immediately proceed to a USBOXLA Shootout (3 shooters each and home team decides on whether they will shoot first or second).  If tied after that, there is a sudden death shootout round (all rostered players must shoot before any player shoots twice).
  • Gold Medal A Level Games (sudden death period) will have a 5min sudden death overtime period immediately following the conclusion of regular time.  Goalies do not switch ends.  No Timeouts.  No stoppage in time.  If tied after 5min, teams proceed into a USBOXLA Shootout to determine a Gold Medal Champion.




(based on year of birth, month does not matter)

Novice (08/09)
Peewee (06/07)
Bantam (04/05)
Midget (02/03)
HS Elite (00/01)


We understand that some players may be smaller in size, female (playing on a “male” team), or teams may need to simply fill a roster and take an older player(s). PLEASE IDENTIFY ANY OVERAGED PLAYERS ON YOUR ROSTER WITH THE WORD ‘AGE’ AFTER THEIR LAST NAME ON ROSTER SHEET. Not having this listed on your roster will result in an automatic disqualification. “Impact” players playing in a lower aged division (“Impact” player is determined by USBOXLA Rules Committee) will result in an automatic disqualification. Each team may only have a maximum of 2 overaged players on its roster. The safety of the players and the high calibre of play of the USBOXLA Nationals must be protected by having equally aged participants.


Your team rosters cannot change after Thursday Aug 1st at 11:59pm.  If you have players playing in 2 age divisions, or skill levels to round out numbers that is fine as long as these players are listed on the team's official roster that you submit before the event.  You cannot alter your rosters for medal games, recruit other team's players at the event or bring more players from one skill bracket to another for 'big games'.  If there is any infraction of this rule it will result in an automatic disqualification.  Before each game the scorekeepers will check to ensure accurate rosters.



Seeding from pool play is determined in this order:

  • Points - 2 points for a win. 0 points for a loss
  • Head to Head - This breaks ties based on the record (or points, if points are used) against the teams tied with. For example if 3 teams have the same overall record at 4-2 and all 3 of the teams played each other an equal number of times and one teams record against the other two was 2-0 and another was 1-1 and the other was 0-2. This tie breaker would order them accordingly. If all three teams had identical 1-1 records, this tie breaker would not be used.

    It should be noted that this tie breaker is completely ignored if all of the teams tied do not play each other an equal number of times. For example if there are 3 teams tied and one team played the other two, but the other two did not play each this tie breaker will be ignored (regardless of the outcome of the two games played by the first team)
  • Goals Allowed - The total of a teams opponents score. The smallest total wins the tie breaker.
  • Goals Scored - The total of a teams score. The higher total wins the tie breaker.



There are on-site USBOXLA Game play coordinators at each facility.  If you have questions or concerns they will help.  Please note that there is no appeal process to protest a call or outcome, there is zero tolerance and abuse could result in team disqualification or additional penalties for your team or organization.


Jack Gormley
USBOXLA Game play coordinator

NCBS's CCBLL Referee in Chief