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Click here to view complete rules:   2018 CYLA OFFICIAL PLAYING RULES

Coaches are encouraged to print this out and carry to all games:  2018 CYLA RULES MATRIX

Coaches at the U7-U8-U9 levels should print out and review this as well:  One Pass Rule U7-U8-U9

Youth coaches should be familiar with NFHS Boys High School Lacrosse Rules, which are the basis of Colorado high school lacrosse rules.

NFHS Rules:

2018 US Lacrosse Rules: 



The CYLA abides by NFHS (National Federation of High Schools) rules as amended by US Lacrosse and the CYLA.   It updates rules on an annual basis to insure safe and fair play for all.  

In general, the NFHS and US Lacrosse have worked together closely to align youth and high school rules to improve the consistency of officiating at both levels.  However, officials and coaches are reminded that:

“At the youth level, US Lacrosse expects stricter enforcement of the Cross Check, Illegal Body Check, Checks Involving The Head/Neck, Slashing, Unnecessary Roughness, and Unsportsmanlike Conduct rules than is common at the high school level.”  (US Lacrosse Rule 5)


IMPORTANT NFHS RULES CHANGES FOR 2018:  The NFHS (National Federation of State High School Associations) Boys Lacrosse Rules Book provides the foundation for the US Lacrosse and CYLA rulebooks.  

The following NFHS rule changes for 2018 will apply to all CYLA divisions.

  • 1.6:  In 2018, the CYLA will enforce ONLY the NFHS requirement that sticks must have a minimum distance of 6 inches at the widest point.  The measurement points of 1.25", 3.0", and 5.0" will NOT be enforced in 2018.  These measurement points will be enforced beginning in 2019. 
  • 1.7.5: Pockets of non-traditional synthetic material are permitted as long as they meet specifications of rule 1.7.  (For example, sticks like the Warrior Warp are permitted).
  • 4.3.3.D: (Faceoffs) The official shall make certain that the reverse surfaces of the crosses match evenly in that the top of one head lines up with the throat of the other and are perpendicular to the ground.
  • 4.9.2:  A goal will be allowed if the shot is released prior to the end of the period.
  • 4.18.4: PENALTY: Conduct foul on the defensive player. A second violation by the player team will be enforced as releasable unsportsmanlike conduct, served by the offending player.
  • 6.5.2x:  ART. 2… The following are examples of illegal procedure:  Failure to wear a required mouthpiece properly (unless it comes out during play).
  • 6.10.2: The stall warning remains in effect until:
    • A goal is scored
    • A shot that hits the goal pipes
    • A shot that hits the goalie or hits his equipment
    • The defensive team gains possession
    • The period ends resulting in a faceoff
  • 7.3: RESUMING PLAY AFTER PENALTY. When a penalty occurs and the ball is in the offended team’s offensive half of the field, the ball shall be put in play by the team awarded the ball, at the spot where the ball was when play was suspended. If the ball was in the goal area when play was suspended, it shall be restarted nearest to the spot of the ball at the time of the whistle, 20 yards laterally outside the goal area.
  • 7.8.3 A shot remains a shot until • The ball comes to rest on the field • The ball hits the ground and goes past the goal • Possession is gained by any member of the defensive team; or • After hitting the goalkeeper, goalkeeper equipment, goal posts or crossbar, the ball is touched by any player of the either team other than the defending goalkeeper, or an official.
  • NFHS rules requiring faceoff players to have a visible contrasting tape color DO NOT APPLY in the CYLA.

IMPORTANT US LACROSSE RULES CHANGES FOR 2018:  The following US Lacrosse rule changes for 2018 will apply to all CYLA divisions.

  • Including spectators as a potential cause of unsportsmanlike penalties for a team.
  • Applying a one-minute releasable penalty the second time a field player from the same team steps in the crease and acts as a goalie.
  • Adding language that a shot that hits the pipe or the goalie shall remove a stalling warning.
  • Aligning the wording at the U13 Red and U15 Red level to match NFHS rules regarding stalling in the final two minutes of the game, requiring teams to keep it in their offensive zone only if they are ahead by four goals or fewer.
  • Aligning with other rule sets so that a goal can be scored if the shot is released (rather than crosses the goal line) before the period ends.
  • Adjusting the rule at the U7, U9, and U9 age groups to read that officials should award the ball via alternate possession rules when at least three players are involved for a scrum for the ball for more than four seconds without gaining possession.

The CYLA applies NFHS stick checking rules for all divisions, rather than US Lacrosse stick checking rules.  One-handed stick checks remain prohibited at all age levels in the CYLA. One-handed stick checks will be penalized as slashing, even if the check does not land.

The following NFHS rule changes from 2017 continue to apply in CYLA:

  • 6-5-2: Failure to wear the required mouthpiece (unless it comes out during play) is now a technical foul.  Previously, this was a personal foul.  This change has been instituted to encourage increased enforcement by officials.
  • 4-18-4: No defensive player, other than a properly equipped goalkeeper, can enter his own crease with the perceived intent on blocking a shot or acting as a goalie.  Penalty: Conduct foul on the defensive player.  A second violation by the player will be enforced as releasable unsportsmanlike conduct.
  • 6-10-3: During the last two minutes of regulation play, stalling rules are in effect for the team that is ahead by four goals or less.  When the score differential is five goals or more, neither team is forced to keep the ball in the goal area unless warned to “keep it in.”  This applies to CYLA U13 Red and U15 Red only.
  • 4-3-1 Exception 2: If a player or team commits a foul before any faceoff, the ball will be awarded to the offended team in its offensive side of the field at the Center.

The following US Lacrosse rule changes from 2017 continue to apply in CYLA: 

  • 1-9-1j:  Arm pads are now optional equipment for goalies (consistent with previous CYLA rule).
  • 1-10h:  Eye black and eye black strips are allowable as long as they do not contain offensive words, shapes, images, or logos. 
  • 5-11-1:  Any player who accumulates 3 personal fouls or 5 minutes in personal foul penalty time shall be disqualified from the game. (Previously, disqualification occurred after 4 personal fouls.  Disqualification does not result in suspension from the player’s next game).