Windsor Bulldogs Youth Lacrosse Northern Colorado

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The club’s goal is to create a culture where our athletes develop their understanding of the game of lacrosse, grow in their confidence, learn and apply life skills, and develop a love of the game in a constructive positive environment.


Following the lead and philosophy of our High School program’s coach, Jared McNichol, we value player development over winning, and leverage his coaching philosophy called the "3 C's" 

1. Confidence - Confidence is everything as an athlete, especially in Lacrosse. Players build their confidence as we develop their fundamental stick skills with a strong focus on mechanics. Making sure the two are the focus in all drills, producing as many quality reps as possible. 

2. Control - Help athletes understand the value of knowing how their stick works, with a strong focus on the off-hand. Students are taught how to string their stick and understand how to adjust it to their own advantage. The application of strategically placed positions on the field while performing specific drills, the idea of building LAX-IQ through drills and game play.

3. Creativity - Teaching players how to be effective within their own style of play, their "finger print." Using drills and methods to push players to step out of their comfort zone to really increase their skill.